4 Tips for Selecting an Open Source and Hosted Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms

4 Tips for Selecting an Open Source and Hosted Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms

A professional website will have a positive impact on your business. It can increase the conversion rate. Because all the customers are searching for high-quality products, if you create a professional design, you will convince them that your products are the best. Also, the site will help you to market your products and reach the local and international customers. However, coming up with a great design is becoming difficult. You need an enterprise e-commerce platform to simplify the creation process. Although not all platforms will work well for you, the internet will offer you an opportunity to choose one that will enhance growth. The platforms are of two categories: the hosted and open source platforms. Here are 4 tips for choosing one that will fit your business:

Choose one that matches with your budget and business needs

All enterprisee-commerce platforms vary in prices. And because price does not matter in the success of your business, you need to go for a platform that will match your budget. In this essence, you need to spend most of your time to perform research. It will guide you on the platforms and their prices as well as features that will fulfill your business needs.

Choose a platform that has an easy to use interface

The hosted and open source platforms offer different users’ experience. The open sources will require you to write codes to enhance your website functionality. If you lack the coding skills, you can decide to look for a professional. The hosted enterprise e-commerce platforms offer an opportunity for everyone to use them. They are easy to use to allow you to sell globally without much effort.

Give security a priority

Due to the introduction of new and advanced technology, the hackers are coming up with ways to destroy the e-commerce websites. Thus, if you want to run a business that is free from losses, you need to consider security. The open source platforms will provide you with total control of your site. You will have the freedom to select the hosting providers. Also, you can easily integrate with third-parties to enhance security. The hosted platforms will care for your business by hosting it on a reliable server. Also, it will provide you with features such as SSL and PCI to secure your business information.

Select a platform with great marketing tools

When it comes to marketing, the open source and hosted platforms will assure you of getting potential customers. They have great tools such as SEO and social media integration. With this, you will not spend huge dollars when marketing.

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